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About Us

Heart Vascular and Leg , located in Bakersfield, California was founded in 1992 by Dr. Vinod Kumar, MD, FACC, RPVI as a cardiology practice called the Heart Center. Dr. Kumar, a leader in cardiology and vascular care, saw a need for a full-service practice that offers the best in vascular, heart and chronic wound care. The result of his vision is Heart Vascular and Leg .

This medically integrated approach to care was essential to combat troubling rates of amputations.

Heart Vascular and Leg

While we treat patients with a wide range of cardiovascular conditions – heart attack and stroke patients, peripheral arterial disease, venous insufficiency, chronic wounds, diabetes and related conditions, and more – our fundamental mission is to prevent amputation.

Many people are not aware of their risk of amputation when they come to see us. They do not realize that their heart health, vascular health, and wounds are all connected. Our goal is to improve understanding of leg and vascular health and provided much-needed care so they regain control of their well-being and ultimately live longer, fuller lives.

This forms the basis of our 9-in-1 comprehensive approach to managing patient health.

About Dr. Kumar

Dr Vinod-KumarDr. Kumar sets the bar for excellence at Heart Vascular and Leg . His list of educational and training credentials and board certifications are lengthy, but it is his passion for protecting and saving people from heart disease and preventing amputations that make him a true pioneer in vascular health.

He is a believer in not only the power of integrated, expert medical care, but in the power of laughter as well. Always wearing a smile on his face, Dr. Kumar cultivates a familiar, comfortable ambiance that our staff embraces – as do our patients.

He actively promotes wellness in the local community and abroad too. Driven by his belief that everybody deserves the very best care no matter where they are, Dr. Kumar traveled to Haiti in 2010 to help victims of the devastating earthquake.

The staff at Heart Vascular and Leg even donated $40,000 to help victims of the earthquake.

His generosity not only helped patients who needed his care in Haiti, but even affected his patients back home in Bakersfield. Many shared with him how touched they were to hear that he left his own practice for a week to help people in desperate need of care, half the world away.

About Our Providers

We have a strict hiring policy and a rigorous training protocol. Some of the best minds from around the world have joined our team, including experts in heart health, vascular health, and wound care.

Each one of our team members is genuinely devoted to our patients. Because we all share Dr. Kumar’s vision of an amputation-free Kern County, we have dedicated our practice to offering the latest and most effective diagnostics and treatments right here in Bakersfield.

Our Providers Bios

About Our Services

Fueled by our motto, “Walk Stronger, Live Longer,” we travel to conferences around the world to bring the latest diagnostics, technologies, and treatments back to Bakersfield.

We spare no expense when it comes to equipment, and our procedure rooms are state of the art. We bring the same quality of care and services to our patients in Bakersfield that they find at university hospitals and other world-renowned facilities – but in a more comfortable, relaxed setting.

And at Heart Vascular and Leg , we take a collaborate approach to patient care. Our physicians and staff strategize together to create personalized, comprehensive care plans. And we don’t just treat symptoms; we take a “whole person” approach to health, which fosters true and lasting wellness.

About Our Mindset

Patient-focused – From the moment you walk in the door, you will receive a high degree of respect and care. You are not just a patient file here; we take the time to get to know you and build a real relationship with you.

State of the art technology & supplies – We utilize the state of the art technology such as stents and catheters to ensure that we offer the very best to our patients.

Comfortable setting – You won’t find white walls and emotionally sterile staff here. Rather, our welcoming environment and friendly team will make you feel relaxed and at home. Our patients say they feel so comfortable here that they actually enjoy coming in for treatments.

Quick service – We value your health and make ourselves available to our patients when they need us. So, we have made it our policy to offer same- or next-day appointments – a rare feature in a speciality practice like ours.

Comprehensive care – We also offer a unique 9-in-1 solution, to provide you with all the care you need at one appointment under one roof. You do not have to drive around town and visit numerous providers to manage your heart, vascular, and wound issues. When you visit Heart Vascular and Leg , you can take care of everything in one integrated visit.

Call Heart Vascular and Leg today to schedule an appointment: 661-324-4100 .