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We specialize in minimally invasive, out-patient procedures to restore blood flow in the lower extremities. If you have narrowing of the arteries or faulty valves, our doctors may perform one or a combination of these procedures to improve circulation.

Endovascular Treatment for Peripheral Arterial Disease


A stent is used to open a vessel and improve blood flow. Often combined with both atherectomy and angioplasty, the vascular specialist will insert a cylindrical metal wire mesh tube into the artery in order to keep the blood flow channel open.


Angioplasty refers to a technique used to open blocked arteries by inflation of a balloon catheter. This technique is also utilized in the angiography suite frequently in conjunction with both atherectomy and stenting.

Laser Atherectomy

An atherectomy is a minimally invasive procedure used to reduce plaque build up in the blood vessels. The doctor will insert a catheter into the artery. The catheter has a special tip with a blade-like device to remove plaque from the vessel wall and a suction device to collect resulting debris. Atherectomy can be performed as a stand alone procedure, but is often a complement to angioplasty and stenting.


A thrombectomy is a surgical procedure to remove an acute clot in a vein or artery of the leg. A special catheter is guided to the blockage and used to break up the blood clot and evacuate it from the body.

By-pass Surgery

In some cases, by-pass surgery may be necessary to reroute the flow of blood around a blockage. Using a portion of your own vein, or a synthetic material, the surgeon will graft a new pathway for blood flow.