This is the first place that I’ve found that they actually listen! They don’t just sit there and look at their charts and say “uh huh.” They interact and ask the questions to get the kind of answers they need to know!



What brought me to Dr. Kumar was that I heard a lot of good things about him. What symptoms I was having were that I had pressure in my legs. they were feeling really heavy. When I talked to Dr. Kumar, he said we can take care of that. I was able to come see him, consult with him first and he took care of it and I feel a lot better!



My life has improved because of Dr. Kumar because I couldn’t walk to the store, couldn’t walk down the street. now I can do all those things. Now I am really active with the kids..I think Dr. Kumar’s staff is the best in Bakersfield. Their friendly, their courteous, their professional, their just great!



“The weakness in the leg, the dead feeling in the leg is gone. It was gone immediately. And of course the vein which was showing on the skin is gone. The treatment here is great, the staff is great, and Dr. Kumar is outstanding. When you walk in, you know that your going to have your problem taken care of.”



“I don’t know what to say other than thank you. As I look forward, I see I’m going to keep my leg. I don’t have that thought in the back of my mind ‘what’s going to happen next’. Other people need to have the same chance that I’ve had. The staff here is amazing. “



“I think I have been in 12 different hospitals. Sometimes I would have to go all the way to L.A. They told me I might have to lose my leg. I told them no, I don’t want that to happen. I asked the doctors here (Vascular and Leg Center), they checked my veins and everything. Fantastic doctor, I really like him. I don’t have any complaints about anything, the people here have been fantastic. Dr. Kumar, thank you very much.”



“Mi pierna estaba azul y no sentia. Yo estaba en el hospital cuando el dijo que me ivan a cortar el pie, y fue cuando yo vine aqui y el me salvo mi pie. Gracias…estoy muy contenta. Quisiera ayudar a las personas que no saven, que vengan a verlo a el….. Dr. Kumar es un buen doctor!!!”



“I dreaded going to the market. It was hard to walk, hard to sleep and hard to sit…but at the end, Dr. Kumar fixed it. It was a one day thing and after a few days I felt terrific. I recommend this to anyone who has pain. It could be fixed.”



“I was in pain for about a year, going to all these kinds of doctors, each doctor just kept putting me on different medications. When I came to see Dr. Kumar, he took x-rays and found out what was wrong and I’ve been in good health; no pain, it was taken care of. I recommend Dr. Kumar to everyone I know.”



“Since I’ve been retired I have neglected doing basic chores around the house, like doing my yard, because I’ve had heaviness in my legs. After being treated by Dr. Kumar, I think it was two days after the procedure that I’ve been able to begin doing my yard once again.”