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Leg & Foot Swelling Bakersfield, CA

Swelling of the feet or legs is a common problem, especially among older adults. Known as an “edema”, leg swelling can be caused by numerous factors and conditions including prolonged standing or sitting and venous insufficiency.


Peripheral Arterial Disease in African American Patients

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Why Are My Legs/Feet Swollen?

Swollen FeetThere are many factors and conditions that can cause swelling in the legs and/or feet, including:

  • Prolonged periods of sitting or standing, often made worse in heat
  • Overweight/obesity
  • Chronic venous insufficiency, caused by faulty valves in the veins of the legs
  • Cardiovascular and/or respiratory diseases
  • Certain medications such as hormones, hypertension drugs and antidepressants
  • High salt diet

Treatment for Swollen Legs

Treatment for swollen legs or feet is specific to the patient and his or her condition. We will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine if you are having any issues with your vascular system. If so, we will recommend one of several minimally invasive treatment options. We can also work with your primary care physician and other specialists if you need additional treatment.

Lifestyle Changes
Some patients may be able to relive painful swelling symptoms by making changes to their lifestyle or daily habits. Patients are encouraged to not sit or stand for extended periods of time and stretch/walk often between periods of sitting or standing to reduce swelling in the legs or feet. Patients are also encouraged to not smoke and adopt a healthy diet and exercise routine. Weight loss programs can reduce stress on the lower limbs and reduce swelling.

Endovascular Treatment
If the swelling is caused by a vein condition such as chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins or peripheral arterial disease, our doctors will recommend a treatment plan. Treatment may range from relatively non-invasive procedures such as compression stockings, to minimally invasive therapies that will close off or remove affected veins.