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Our Mission

No AmputationsOur fundamental mission is simple – to create an amputation-free Kern County. Through Dr. Kumar’s leadership, we live out this mission in three key ways:

  1. Seeking out cutting-edge medicine – We are committed to continuously bringing the latest, world-class technology and treatments to all Kern County residents.
  2. Providing comprehensive, collaborative care – Amputation prevention means addressing the link in cause and effect between vascular disease, chronic wounds and heart health. In our practice, you will find experts in each of these specialties, all strategizing together to create a customized plan to deliver the best possible outcome for each patient. We call this our 9-in-1 Solution.
  3. Educating our patients – Many do not realize they are at risk of amputation. They simply have bothersome symptoms or non-healing wounds and want relief. We work to improve their understanding of leg, vascular, and chronic wound care.

Other practices might want to do their part to prevent amputation. But nowhere else is this the fundamental purpose of the practice.

You have access to this comprehensive, high-quality level of care whether you are referred to us by your physician or you call us directly to make an appointment. And you don’t have to travel to Los Angeles to get outstanding medical care – you will experience it right here in Bakersfield and Kern County.

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