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Women’s Heart Health

Women's Heart HealthHeart disease is the number one killer of women in America – deadlier than all forms of cancer combined – yet the majority of women aren’t aware of the magnitude of this risk. Many still consider it a “man’s disease,” despite its prevalence in women.

While one out of every 31 women will die of breast cancer, one out of every three women will die of heart disease, according to The Heart Foundation.

The risks are huge. It is important for women to be proactive in their cardiovascular care, prevention, and treatment. The doctors and staff at The Heart Center provide this comprehensive care, and hope to spread awareness of women’s heart health – especially because heart disease manifests itself differently in women than it does in men.

How does heart disease differ between men and women?

Men tend to develop coronary artery disease (CAD), characterized by plaque build-up in the large arteries around the heart. Doctors can easily identify plaque and blockages with a CT scanner.

Women’s heart ailments, on the other hand, are easy to miss. They are often suffer ischemic heart disease, meaning the blood and oxygen flow to the heart slowly becomes comprised.

Female Heart

Female Heart

Male Heart

Male Heart

Women’s major arteries to the heart can be clear of blockages, but their smaller coronary blood vessels can cease to constrict and dilate properly. In fact, many women have normal angiograms and stress tests and think they are in the clear, but they can actually have undiagnosed ischemic heart disease.

The signs and symptoms of heart disease that women experience are often more subtle than those men experience. In many cases, women are asymptomatic. Even if they do have symptoms, their symptoms usually do not include chest pain, like they do in men.

Women typically do not know they have a problem until they have a heart attack. This is why comprehensive cardiovascular screening is so vital for women. Prevention and early detection can save your life.

World-Class Cardiovascular Care for Women

The Heart Center at Heart Vascular and Leg provides top quality comprehensive cardiovascular care right here in Kern County. Our team, led by renowned cardiologist Dr. Vinod Kumar, is highly trained in all aspects of heart health. Using the latest technologies and best practices to help women get and stay healthy, we truly believe that we can make a difference together in fighting this number one killer.

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