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Vinod Kumar, MD, FACC, RPVI


  • 1992 – Present: Medical Director, The Heart Center
  • 2008-2009: Director, Cardiac Cath Lab, San Joaquin Hospital, CA
  • 2000-2007: Honorary Chairman, Physicians Advisory Board to President Bush, NRCC
  • 2005- Present: Clinical Instructor, UCLA, Los Angeles California
  • 2005-2013: President of American Heart Association, Kern County Chapter, CA
  • 2005-2006 Chairman Cardiology, San Joaquin Hospital, CA
  • 2000-2002: Chairman, Credentials committee, San Joaquin Hospital
  • 1998-2000: Chairman, Dept. of Medicine, San Joaquin Hospital
  • 1996: Reviewer of CMRI Board of California

Education and Training

  • 7/91 – 6/92: Interventional Cardiology fellow, UCLA Scholl of Medicine, CA
  • 7/89 – 6/91: Fellowship in Cardiology, Baylor College of Medicine, Huston, TX (Program Director: R. Roberts, M.D.)
  • 7/86-6/89: Residency in Internal Medicine at Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, MI
  • 1979 – 1985: Medical School, Obtained MD, University Medical College, Rohtak, India


    • FM GEMS
    • (ECFMG): Scaled Score: 87 (99 percentile)
    • FLEX: Scaled Score: 86

    Licensure and Board Certification

    • California # A49366
    • Board Certified in Internal Medicine in 1989
    • Board Certified in Cardiology in 1991
    • Board Re-Certified in Cardiology in 2001 and 2011
    • Board Certified in Nuclear Cardiology in 2001 and 2011
    • Board Certified in Interventional Cardiology in 2002 and 2011
    • Board Certified in Vascular Medicine in 2013
    • Board Certified in Endovascular Medicine in 2013
    • Fellow of American College of Cardiology

    Honors and Awards

    • Recipient of “Physician of the year” from Congress of United State in 2003
    • Recipient of Ronald Reagan Gold Medal award in 2004 for outstanding service to the community
    • Recipient of Crystal Heart Award 1994 “Outstanding Physician of the Year”
    • Recipient of Danny O’Neil Memorial Award in 1998
    • Recipient of “physician of the Year” from Kern Physician assistant in 1999
    • National Merit Scholarship through Medical School Years
    • Five star rating as Cardiovascular in Bakersfield in 2004- present.
    • 2007 Manav Ratn award by Sankalp organization, Delhi, India

    Research Experience

    Worked with Robert A. Kloner, M.D., PhD. In Cardiovascular Research Laboratory at Wayne State University, Detroit on the following projects:

    • Noninvasive assessment of area at risk in a canine model if ischemia.
    • Ultrasound enhancement of myocardial infarction by fluorocarbons.
    • Role of oxygenated fluorocarbon in prevention of distal myocardial ischemia during balloon inflation in dogs.
    • Randomized trial of 90 minutes coronary artery occlusion with an auto perfusion angioplasty catheter in canine model.
    • Worked in the area of Molecular Biology with Mark Blick, M.D. and Sant P. Chawla, M.D. at University of Texas.
    • Topic: “Oncogene Expression in Human Melanomas and Sarcomas.”
    • Involved in multiple clinical research trials conducted at Baylor College of Medicine (TIMI-3 TEAM, TTOPP, UNSA, PGE-1, SOLVD, BARI, Fish Oil Study and others).
    • Involved in various Angioplasty and Angioscopy related research projects.

    Specialized Training

    • Coronaries
    • Percutaneous Trans luminal Coronary Angioplasty.
    • Percutaneous Trans luminal Coronary Atherectomy (DVI)
    • Percutaneous Trans luminal Rotablator Arherectomy
    • Percutaneous Trans luminal Excimer Laser Angioplasty
    • Coronary Stents, Ultrasound Imaging, Angioscopy, and Doppler Flow
    • Peripheral Vascular Interventions
    • Percutaneous Trans luminal Angioplasty (PTA)
    • Peripheral Atherectomy
    • Peripheral Laser Angioplasty
    • Stents Placement
    • Angioscopy
    • Intravascular Ultrasound

    Meetings and Memberships

    • National American College of Physicians Meeting 1998, New York
    • ACP Regional Meeting at Traverse City, MI 1987
    • Member, Kern County Medical Society
    • American Heart Association Annual Meeting 1986, 1990- present
    • American College of Cardiology 1987 – present

    Publications and Presentations

    Shin, D., Kumar, V.G., Chawla, S., Donner, L. Gutterman, J., Blic-Aberrent oncogene expression in uncultured human melanoma and sarcoma- Anticancer Research 7:1117-11124(1987)

    Shin, D., Kumar, V.G., Donner, L. et al.-Aberrant expression of n-myc, c-kras as well as over expression of c-cis in fresh uncultured human melanoma and sarcoma- present at annual meeting AACR ‘ 87, Atlanta.

    Blick, M., Kumar V.G., Shin, D., chawla S., Donner, L., Gutterman, J- Expression of transforming growth factor- Alpha Epidermal factor receptor and p53 in Human Sarcoma- International Journal of Cancer( Submitted for Publication).

    Kumar, V.G., Chandrashekher,P.,- Rising trend of Tuberculosis at Detroit City Hospital- Presented at ACP meeting ’87, Traverse City, MI and National ACP meeting ’88, New York, NY.

    Johnston, D., Kumar, V.G., Verani, M- Assessment of myocardial tissue viability with magnetic resonance imaging following acute infraction; comparison with Adenosine Thallium- 201 Scinitigraphy- Presented at 9th annual meeting of Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, New York, 1990.

    Sack, J., Kumar V.G., et al – Complete Heart Block Complications retrograde left heart catheterization in patients with cardiac transplant- Accepted for publication in “Catheterization and Cardiovascular Disease”.

    Sack, J., Kumar V.G., et al- Factor affecting resuscitation outcome during interposed intra- abdominal counter pulsation- Submitted to Circulation.

    Kumar, V.G., Serman, CT. et al- Balloon Angioplasty in orthotropic heart transplant recipients: Patients selection and results- Submitted for presentation to AHA meeting ’92.

    Geber ,R., Kumar, V.G., et al- Effect of non- stimulation cardiomyoplasty on left Ventricular function- Submitted for presentation to AHA ’92.

    Sack, J., Kumar, V.G., et al- Sodium Bicarbonate and resuscitation outcome during in hospital Cardiac arrest- Submitted for presentation to AHA ’92.

    Multiple Presentation on various Subject In Cardiology to Bakersfield Hospitals and Community.

    Books and Chapters

    1. Creating Heart Health- By Dr. Vinod Kumar and Dr. Ashish Gupta.

    2. Co- Author with Robert A. Kloner, M.D., PhD. On the following Chapters in 1990 edition of “CARDIOLOGY REFERANCE BOOK- THIRD EDITION”, R.A. Kloner, Ed., Co Medica, Inc., New York, NY
    Section 1. Major risk factor for CAD- V.G Kumar M.D and Kloner, M.D., PhD
    Section 2. Non- Invasive diagnostic tests.
    Section 3. Angina Pectoris: Pathophysiology and Pharmacologic therapy.
    Section 4. Silent Myocardial Ischemia – R.A. Kloner, M.D., PhD. And V.G.Kumar, M.D
    Section 5. Coronary Angioplasty – R.A. Kloner, M.D., PhD and V.G. Kumar, M.D, PhD.
    Section 6. Surgical Vs. Medical Therapy in CAD- V. Kumar and R. Kloner, M.D., PhD.
    Section 7. Therapy for Acute MI- Role of Thrombolytic Therapy, Chronic beta- blockade and Aspirin- R. Kloner, M.D., PhD., V.G. Kumar, M.D. And S. Goel, M.D.


    Several hundred lectures to date on cardiology, prevention of heart attacks, atherosclerosis, peripheral arterial and vascular diseases at the local hospitals including teaching lectures at Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield which is an affiliate at UCLA.

    • Developed a program for patients and community to reduce risk of heart diseases called: “Good Family Good Heart”
    • Wrote a book for patients on: “Creating Heart Health” in 2011
    • A book for patients – A Guide to understanding Peripheral Diseases.
    • Program in Bakersfield for Community for Amputation Prevention – Steamlife – Save a Limb